Top Designers Iconic Dinning Rooms – Interior Design Ideas

Top Designers Iconic Dinning Rooms

Top Designers Iconic Dinning Rooms

Top Designers create amazing rooms like it’s nothing. Yet, in home design the needs of each room differs on what the room is for.


A living room design may need more work, since it’s a comfortable place for people to socialize in. A dinning room is the same, since its where people gather to dinner.

Well, there are different kinds of dinning rooms, depending on the model of the home design. Some houses may have the model of different rooms for each activity. Others, may have a kitchen-dinning room, so that there’s a closeness between those cooking and eating.

And what about the inetrior design style or inspirations? Those can define a room for certain.


What’s the common point? INSPIRATIONS!

What’s best  for inspiration? Being inspired by TOP names of the industry!


Iconic Dining Room Design By StudioIlse
Iconic Dining Room Design By StudioIlse


A dark ambience with defined shapes and colors. The dark of the wall and chairs, goes very well with the dark wooden table and benches. The ultimate touch is on gold lighting and accessories, and also some grey ceramic vases.

An iconic dinning room look which Studio Ilse designed perfectly.


Iconic Dining Room by Tom Ford
Iconic Dining Room by Tom Ford


The amazing and famous Tom Ford, actually designed this James Bond inspired penthouse. This penthouse’s dinning room is one of the beautiful rooms created by the designer.

Watch how the grey and white ambience, is emphasized with the light grey dinning chairs and modern table, finishing on ghe gorgeous golden plated dinning set accessories on the table and the gold chandelier above.


Pink Paradise Dinning Room By Sofia Aspe
Pink Paradise Dinning Room By Sofia Aspe


The designer Sofia Aspe designed this intitled Pink Paradise dinning room in perfect colorful paradise.

Although the color is mostly on the work of art on the wall, it’s like it transpires to all over the room, maybe for the room’s sober colors and the neutral wooden or marble table. The shades of blue chairs make the connection of color between art and room in a subdued manner.


Iconic Dining Room of Tom Ford's London Townhouse
Iconic Dining Room of Tom Ford’s London Townhouse


Yet another gorgeous dinning room, this one actually on Tom Ford‘s London Townhouse.


Notting Hill Dining Room By Maddux Creative
Notting Hill Dining Room By Maddux Creative


A stunning, clearly nature inspired dinning room by Maddux Creative.

The gorgeous deep green on the walls ressonates beautifully with the green and blue patterns of the chairs, as it does with the rough look white wood table. The accessories bowls on the table somwhow combine well with the ambience, although with different patterns.


Long Island Beachfront Hideaway Dinning Room By Cullman And Kravis
Long Island Beachfront Hideaway Dinning Room By Cullman And Kravis


Designed by Cullman and Kravis, this iconic dinning room is a white and gold inspiration.

From the gold brass table, to the velvet whitw chairs with gold contouring, to the general background and the lighting suspension above the table, the room is stunning.


Kips Bay Dining Room By Kristen McGinnis
Kips Bay Dining Room By Kristen McGinnis


A colorful infinity by Kristen McGinnis, this room is one of the most iconic dinning rooms, standing out for its rich colors and combinations.

The blue sea color of the walls agrees in perfection with bold yellow curtains and, dark red doors and dinnin set. The abstract artwork is a plus and so it’s the rug inspirations, with a mix of black, pastel and exotic orange and white.


Kelly Hoppen Iconic Dinning Room Interior in China
Kelly Hoppen Iconic Dinning Room Interior in China


One amazingly iconic dinning room by Kelly Hoppen, with isnpirations on chinese culture and design.

The overall shades of grey for the floor, walls and every furnishing and accessories is highly emphasized by the use of different materials. The wood and white inspired dinning set, both manages to call much attention to itself and the room.


Coastal Style Design By Robert AM Stern Architects
Coastal Style Design By Robert AM Stern Architects

Finally, an iconic dinning room by AM Stern Architects with a more mid-century, antique look.

The room color inspirations have a variety from white, to light blue and gold. In parallel, it also varies from wood to gold brass inspired furniture.

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3 Examples of Wellness Architecture for Your Home – Interior Home Design

Wellness architecture is cutting edge design and trending. However, this is not only a trend, but it is also here to stay. If you are not yet familiar with this term, here is a brief explanation.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness Architecture Initiative, “Wellness Architecture is the practice of architecture that relies on the art and science of designing built environments with socially conscious systems and materials to promote the harmonious balance between physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing while regenerating the natural environment. Human health, wellbeing, and comfort are key design considerations that augment a foundation rooted in sustainable and regenerative design practices.”

Wellness Architecture & Design

Wellness Architecture Island Tranquility

Image Source

How Buildings Affect our Wellbeing

If you think about it, we spend 90 percent of our time inside so naturally, the space in which we live, work, or play has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. So why not design with wellness in mind?

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
— Winston Churchill

To give you an idea of what this looks like in our homes, here are a few ways that you as a homeowner might take part in this trend.

  1. Build your color palettes with the naturally calming colors of the earth.
  2. Remember to keep air flowing through your home to avoid stale and unhealthy air.
  3. Check for organic and upcycled products whenever possible such as eco-chic furniture design.
  4. Invest in lots of indoor plants to help keep the air healthy as well as the harmonious visual effect of plants.
  5. Use appropriate levels of lighting depending on the room and its purpose.
  6. Natural light is always best, so whenever possible, bring in the sunlight.
  7. Switch over to solar energy wherever possible for a lower carbon footprint.
  8. Opt for building materials that are natural and non-toxic, such as marble, wood, or 100% cotton upholstery.
  9. Set aside a designated space for meditation and quiet reflection.
  10. Build an exercise room with lots of free-flowing air and natural materials.
  11. Invest in your kitchen with decor and appliances that give the incentive to eat at home more often.
  12. Design your spaces to keep them open and welcoming for great communication.

3 Wellness Design Ideas for Your Home

• Indoor Outdoor Gym

This beach home is designed with an incredible indoor-outdoor gym on the deck with a sliding ceiling cover. The fresh ocean breezes with its health-boosting negative ions and the draping green plants make this a heavenly way to stay strong and healthy.

Wellness Architecture Home Gym Design

Image Source

• Indoor Outdoor Jacuzzi and Showers

Green walls and outdoor showers with a retractable roof make this indoor-outdoor jacuzzi experience a wellness dream. The natural qualities are further exemplified by the natural finish wood slate floors for a prime example of earth elements in a healthy design.

Wellness Architecture Indoor Outdoor Jacuzzi Bathroom Wood Window Design and Wall Shower Head

Image Source

• Green Walls Inside the Home

Inside green walls are an incredible way to bring the outside in and create a healthier atmosphere in your home. This modern home employs cement walls, marble floors along with rustic wood walls and furniture frames. Altogether, this room is a fantastic example of wellness architecture and interior design.

Wellness Architecture Concrete Accent Green Wall

Image Source

When homes are designed with health and happiness in mind, everyone benefits. Whether you want to change a lot or add a few healthier design spaces in your home, continue to search for ways to bring a higher level of wellness into your home for the health and wellness of you, your family, and guests.

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4 iconic bedroom designs | Insplosion – Interior Design Ideas

Iconic Bedroom Inspirations

 5 iconic bedroom designs

Bedroom Designs are supposed to have a more intimate ambience and inspiration. To know and do it it’s not the same, therefore BEING INSPIRED by iconic bedrooms designed by Top Brands is key.

Fashion houses with worldwide recognition have been adventuring into the world of interior design and decor.

Fendi Casa is an extension of Fendi, a famous and iconic italian fashion house,

Fendi Casa ambiences are normally very neutral, using the accessories and some decor as a way of including color on the room.

The patterns are simple and understated, with subtlety, using neutral colors for a pattern on a neutral background. Sometimes, they have darker color on patterns, with a white or light colored background but on small amounts, such as in pillows or the paddings on chairs.


Fendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic BedroomFendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic Bedroom


The Mandarin Oriental Residence bedrooms, in Hyde Park, in London, are the perfect example of Fendi Casa tastes when in come to Interior Design and Decor.

One thing that it’s common for any Fendi Casa ambience is the symbol of Fendi, the F’s as seen on the pillows or rugs.


Fendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic BedroomFendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic Bedroom


Versace Home is an extension of the iconic fashion brand Versace.

The unique touch applied in their fashion designs are also included in their home designs.

The gold on contouring or details in patterns. The complex and gorgeous patterns, with the colorful themes and combinations of lively colors if not exotic colors.

The feeling of luxury and elegance. Every essence and inspiration Versace puts on its fashion designs, their home designing is no different.


Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom
Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom
Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom
Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom


Versace Palazzo on Dubai is an iconic Interior Design and Decor project by the brand. A gorgeous palace designed with rich colors and carefully designed patterns.

The gold is always present on the patterns, it enriches the patterns, be it on the light pink background and on the light blue background. It fits well no matter the background of the pattern.

The patterns are designed with great care and detail, giving the idea of ancient luxury.

The metallic colored furniture, although being silver colored instead of gold, still manages to look great in a mix of patterns and light colors.

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3 Possibilities of Eco-chic Furniture Design in 2019 – Interior Home Design

Eco-chic furniture design continues to expand and grow in popularity among designers. As technology provides designers with increased possibilities of recycled materials, you will see more of this trend in 2019. Also, because scientists and designers are sure to discover new ways to build sustainable furniture, this is a trend that will be around for years to come.

Eco-chic Furniture Design 2019

Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Furniture

This set really pops when you combine yesterday’s fishing boat wood with a fresh coat of bright paint. With white trim paint and vibrant colors over reclaimed wood, this set looks ready for a day around the pool. When you combine classic shapes with aged wood that tells stories, you have a winning collection of EcoChic Lifestyles outdoor furniture.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Outdoor Furniture

Image Source

All Natural Eco Furniture

“Healthy Planet, Healthy Home” is the motto for Stem furniture. For some companies, one or two eco-friendly elements are enough but not here. Instead, they make each component of every piece of furniture with the best available non-toxic materials. Additionally, they use no fire retardants and they strive for a reduction of harsh chemicals.

Eco-chic Furniture Design All Natural Furniture

Image Source

A Delightful Eco Glow Collection

Shown here is the work of Kim Markel whose delightful, earth-friendly Glow Collection pieces are made of recycled plastic. These deceptively delicate creations are said by some to look good enough to eat. To have a lighter impact on the world, she uses existing materials in her creations.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Kim Merkel Glow Collection

Image Source

I hope this gives you a step in the right direction about what is available for eco-chic furniture design. However, there is a whole world of possibilities so I invite you to return to see more updates about this and other interior design trends of 2019.

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Minimalistic Living Room Inspirations | Insplosion – Interior Design Ideas

Minimalistic Living Room Inspirations

Minimal is an Interior Design style which focuses on functionality, instead of only the aesthetics. Keeping a room simple on design and decor can also be a trend.

Minimalistic Interior Design insists on beauty and elegance. As interior design style, it consists of simplicity and functionality.

The ambience above, by  Oleg Trofimov is a representation of some characteristics of minimal design will see next. The simplicity of the space, the simple choice in furniture and decor and, the materials chosen for each piece on the ambience. All of it, says minimal design.

Some focus of minimalistic design is having homes free of any unnece1ssary furniture or accessories and, using the maximum of natural light.

Minimal Living Room Inspiration by Igor Sirotov Architects
Minimal Living Room Inspiration by Igor Sirotov Architects

Minimal home designs don’t have a fixed structure. As s0, apartments or rooms designed according to this style, can have a model of separate divisions or open space.

Designed by Igor Sirotov Architects, the ambience above is stunning. This whole apartment designed with the functionality and gorgeous elegance minimalistic features.

On minimal furniture or accessories, the main point is not in how it looks or the details of the products It’s all about what materials were used and how functional in the products used on decor.

On color, the minimalistic design uses more bright yet neutral shades, which isn’t to say that minimalistic home designs can’t have dark colors. As long as the other features in minimalistic design are achieved, the minimalistic ambience can have darker shades as background.

Clear walls with few or none decorations is key. Any furniture or surface must have clean lines and without clutter.

The previous Minimalistic ambiences were designed by Oporski Architektura.

A perfect representation of the key features of this interior design style, these ambiences achieve every requirement for minimal design.


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The Magnificence of Arches in your Home Interior – Interior Home Design

Architectural arches and columns have long been the basis for most architectural forms. In fact, the Romans and Greeks used the diameter of the column as an architectural module and based all of a building’s measurements on it. Arches add their own unique timeless style that encourages this classical yet modern trend.

As you might guess, there are many different types of arches based on shapes and number of centers. But basically, there are four styles of arches that are most commonly used in today’s modern homes.

Modern Architectural Arches for Your Home Interior

Arches as an Entryway Into Your Home

• Roman Arch

This semi-circular arch is commonly known as the Roman arch or the round arch. In this example, the rich wood construction of this arch is complemented by the cement walls and flooring. Encased by an arch with glass windows, the door opens to an entryway that leads through the magnificent wooden arch into the rest of the home.

Arches Wood Modern Entryway

Image Source

Brick Arches for Rustic Warmth

• Segmental Arch

Another name for the Syrian arch is the segmental arch. It forms a partial curve with a small rise in the center which makes it semi-elliptical across the top. These arches open this kitchen up to the rest of the home with a robust welcome. This modern kitchen boasts a dark hardwood floor and contrasting creamy white cabinetry. The way the rustic brick contrasts with the countertops of black marble is also very striking.

Arches Brick Kichen Entry

Image Source

Modern Islamic Interior Style

• Flattened Gothic Arches

This style is broader than the traditional gothic arches of the middle age cathedrals. As you can see, they have a lower rise which is why we call them “flattened” gothic arches. One place you will find this uniquely old-world shape is in modern middle-eastern interior designs. The elegance that the arch lends to this interior wall creates a subtle statement of sophistication while the addition of lighting frames the shape with a soft glow.

Architectural Arches Modern-Islamic-Home-Interior-Design

Image Source

Classic Paired with Modern Flair

• Gothic Arches

The Gothic arch is a narrow arch and was the successor to the Roman arch. This is the arch that dominated the cathedrals of the middle ages across Europe and the Middle-east. Additionally, this style is still found in many churches around the world as well as some modern homes. In this older, refurbished building, the gothic windows overlook a minimal interior of navy blues and shades of grey. Of course, there is little decorating needed for the rest of this room because the windows make a strong enough statement by themselves.

Architectural Arches Gothic Traditional

Image Source

This is a rundown of the most used styles of arches. However, this only brushes the surface of what there is to know about arches in modern interior design. If you think arches are something you want to incorporate into your home or business interior design, I recommend that you continue to research this exciting trend for 2019.

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How to style a Living Room – Interior Design Ideas

How to Style a Living Room

How to style a Living Room

In home design, a living room is meant to be both the most sociable and comfortable place in the house. As so, is extremely important to take special care in designing and decorating it, meaning you need to know how to style a living room.

About Style, a living room is not hard to stylize but as any room, it does mean interior design and decor need to be on the same page.

Styling a room means much than just combining some ideas. The space designed, the interior design style chosen, what’s left to do is decor and accessorizing.

How to style a Living Room

It’s about the combinations, millions of inspirational combinations you can have to make a living room both elegant and enjoyable to be in.

Let’s see what Style combos one can have in a Living Room so that it’s the best place to be in the house!

A Colorful room is mostly a happy room. Just by being surrounded by pops of vibrant or exotic colors, makes the room mood a lot lighter and enjoyable to be in.

These ambiences have both light and dark backgrounds, yet color stands out in any of them, making the room much warmer and nicer.

How to Style a Living Room
How to Style a Living Room

Rugs and Pillows are the next best thing for any Living Room, since they compliment any room in general but in a room created for people to relax in, they’re essential.

Also, with pillows and rugs, you can choose many different textures and fabrics, according to the level of comfort and the look you want your living room to have.

You can have fur, velvet rugs and pillows. You can have leather silk ones. It really is up to what you look for in a Living Room.


Pillows Inspirations

Pillows Inspirations

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3 DIY Sustainability Weekend Projects for Your Home – Interior Home Design

The primary purpose for sustainability projects is to increase the energy efficiency of your home. You might think these projects are too big to take on and require a great deal of time and trouble. However, there are projects that you can do yourself over one or two weekends that will greatly improve your home’s carbon footprint.

3 Easy Sustainability Projects

LED Lighting

Modern technology has come a long way in a short time and LED lighting is at the forefront of sustainability. So, if you’re just getting started with plans to turn your home into a green home, this is a good place to start.

The LED style of lighting is increasingly affordable and an easy way to bring your home up to a new standard of energy efficiency. However, I want to caution you to observe all safety standards and precautions when handling electrical projects, especially when climbing on ladders!

Sustainability LED Lighting in Kitchen

Image Source

With that being said, there are several possible fixtures in every home that is a candidate for LED lighting installation. They range from light bars, pendants, and chandeliers to the lamps on your end tables. Also, remember that this extends to your exterior home lighting as well.

But, do you know what’s really nice? Once you install an LED light, you will not be climbing a ladder to change another bulb for up to 15 years and that’s an added safety bonus.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats not only increase sustainability, but they also open up a whole new world of convenience for the modern homeowner. They can be adjusted with your smartphone or tablet from a remote distance or in the home.


Image Source

Additionally, you can set times for temperature adjustments for your daily activities such as sleeping or entertaining. Also, be sure to check with your utility company to see if they offer rebates on the installation of particular models.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping your home is an easy and low-cost way to save on energy bills, not to mention it eliminates those uncomfortable cold drafts. Try this simple evening exercise to check for drafts around your doors.

Team up with a friend or family member along with a flashlight. One person stays outside to shine the flashlight through the door jams while the other stays inside to observe where the light comes through. The theory is that if the light is shining through the door jam, you also have drafts coming into your home.

Sustainability Weather Stripping

Image Source

An easy tip for windows is to run wet hands around the seals because drafts are more easily detected by wet hands. Additionally, most weatherstripping lasts 12 months to three years, so add this to your maintenance calendar as a regular routine. The lifespan of the window stripping is dependant on types of use and local weather.

I wish you the best with your weekend sustainability projects! So, remember to check your doors and windows and add weatherstripping where needed, switch out the old bulbs for the newer energy efficient LED lighting, and add a new smart thermostat to your home. Before you know it, your home will be ready for many seasons of enjoyable sustainability.

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Top 5 Living Room Inspirations from Top Designers – Interior Design Ideas

Living Room Inspirations

Top 5 Living Room Inspirations from Top Designers

Top Designers are a top reference on Interior Design and Decor, so having inspirations on any room which are designed by any top designer is the best.

Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio Living Room Inspirations

Dimore Studio is an interior design and decor studio lead by two designers, presents beautiful living room inspirations, full of creativity. The use of color and geometric shapes is masterful and so its the way different decor styles are combined.


Tom Ford

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

A renowned designer, Tom Ford designs its every room with a unique touch.

These inspirations represent different styles of interior design. The first is more sober, dark and modern, with a touch of metallic shades, mixed with dark greys and black. The second is the opposite, in neutral and brighter shades, with impactful yet small pops of vibrant colors, which fit well with the design of the space, with much light and panoramic view.


DKor Interiors

Amazing living room inspirations by DKor Interiors on beautiful Miami home designs. The predominance of white, in different materials is clear and so is the way the designer arranges for the white to fit perfectly, with other bright sober tones or with vibrant exotic colors and patterns.


Francis Sultana

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections. Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of domestic space with often large-scale visual art, sculpture, and installation pieces, his living room are amazing.

Metal, brass, velvet and fur, all joined in one amazing living room, with the addition of gorgeous colorful artwok.


Studio Munge

Studio Munge presents some living room inspirations, where soft and neutral color palettes are the main focus, combined with rich materials. These combinations are what ads a luxurious touch to such a room.

The first living room inspiration is the main living room is minimalist in its effect, with soft neutral shades with touches of wood on the floor, and different fabrics on upholstery. There’s one pop of color on the art chosen for the living room and such.

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5 Color Trends for 2019 – Interior Design Ideas

1st Color forescast: Deep Greens

Deep Greens forecast color translates the need to bring nature and outdoors inspirations into a home design. This dark and intense inspired colors allow for a giant palette of greens and amplifies the creativity one can have with, for example, floral and forest designed wallpapers.

2nd Color forescast: Misty Blues

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Light Blue Living Room Inspirations

Misty Blues is supposed to include a wide range of light blues, bluish greys, even blueish lilacs, meant to inspire calm and relaxation in any room they’re used.

No matter the materials or textures they’re combined with, Misty Blues is a color trend that just adds a calm mood in any room it’s applied, either in walls or furniture. It’s meant to create a mood in a room for people to feel comfortable in.


3rd Color forescast: Bold vibrant yellows

Bold color choices are used, normally, to make a statement. Bold yellows have been a great trend forecasted for 2019, given the itensity of the shade and the vibrancy they add to an ambience.

Bold Yellow is very easy to blend with either light or dark backgrounds, even with other exotic colors.

4th Color forescast: Neutrals

Neutrals Inspirations

Neutrals Inspirations

 Neutrals are usually used to create cosy and comfortable rooms for people to relax and enjoy their home. As a shade, Neutrals englobes a wide range of colors, going from beges, to taupes and others.

Neutrals work very good in combinations of textures and materials, often used on fur rugs or pillows, velvet sofas or stools and many other upholstery and accessories.

5th Color forescast: Orange Terracota

Orange Terracotta is a beautiful sober color which also brings the elements and the nature into any room design. A gorgeous color with a rustic and rusty look meant to put at comfort, in a more vintage and relaxed set, although it also fits very well on more bright, exuberant, luxurious settings.

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