Gas Leaks; the Dangers You Need to Know – Interior Home Design

If you have gas mains in your home, or even if you use bottled gas, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of gas leaks; how to detect a leak and what to do if it happens. This knowledge might literally save your life.

The Dangers of Home Gas Leaks

Volatile Gas Leaks

You probably already know that gas is highly flammable. After all, it comes into your home to burn and supply heat. If you have a gas boiler, it creates hot water and heats your home. It is also utilized in gas stoves and ovens as well as gas-powered heaters.

Gas Leaks Pipe Leaking

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When gas leaks it is so volatile that even a lit match causes an explosion. However, this is not the only thing that can ignite gas; any spark will create an explosion if there is a big enough build up of gas. A spark might even ignite the gas just by turning on the light switch!

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

But that’s not the only danger associated with gas. Carbon monoxide has no smell, is invisible, and is produced when the gas doesn’t fully burn. Unfortunately, several home appliances are able to cause a carbon monoxide leak. The most immediate sources to look for are gas cooking stoves, boilers, gas tumble dryers, furnaces, gas or kerosene heaters, water heaters, charcoal grills, and wood stoves.

Gas Leaks Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Carbon monoxide has no smell and is not visible. However, if you breathe it in you’ll get an upset stomach, start to feel sick, have fuzzy vision, get really dizzy and feel tired. It can seem like you have the flu but every member of the household will have the same symptoms. This is a signal that it is more than just a winter bug. Carbon monoxide poisoning has caused many deaths so it is something to take seriously.

What To Do If You Get a Leak

The first thing to remember is that gas is dangerous. If you think you have a gas leak then contact a reputable plumber in Sydney. They will be able to identify the issue and fix it for you. Before you ring the plumber though it is a good idea to shut the gas off to your home; not just the appliance. This will prevent it from escaping into your home until the issue can be fixed.

However, to detect a carbon monoxide issue it is essential that you have a carbon monoxide detector installed which makes a sound like a smoke alarm when it detects the toxins.

Gas Leaks Plumber Testing for Leaks

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It is worth noting that natural gas has a chemical added which ensures that you will smell it. If you detect a rotten egg-like smell in your home then you probably have a gas leak and need to take action. The good news is you will most likely notice this smell before you have any serious issues.

Although gas leaks are extremely dangerous, regular inspection of your appliances and pipes by a qualified plumber will help to reduce the risk. In fact, the number of incidents of natural gas leaks each year is surprisingly low.

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4 Reasons why Prefab Homes are the Millenial’s Best Choice – Interior Home Design

Prefab homes can be roughly defined as a home building method which uses parts made, assembled and manufactured inside a factory that are then assembled on the construction site. That makes Prefab homes a great way to get “a place to call your own.”

Enticing, exciting, exhilarating are just three words to describe the feeling you get when you think about your dream home. However, it is a daunting decision to select the right home to build and where to build it. Here are some excellent reasons why you might want to consider a prefab for your next home.

Prefab Homes: The Millenial’s Choice

That is why choosing what kind of home to build, along with when and where to build it is sometimes a daunting decision. Aside from these considerations, you have several different factors you must also take into account before you decide to build. These include financial stability, mental readiness, and future-mindedness.

Prefab Homes Attractive House with Deck

Image Source

There are many different types of home from which to select such as traditional stick-built, boats, apartments or even floating homes if that is what interests you. However, prefab homes have made a big splash in recent years.

But what really sets apart prefab homes from the other types of homes? What is so special about these kinds of homes? Continue reading to find out more about why more and more homebuyers are choosing prefab homes.

Faster Building Period

The main reason why prefab homes have a relatively fast building period is that the construction process takes place inside a factory. This being the case, prefab homes are not affected by weather and climate constraints. Conversely, these are the types of delays you will see in other types of home construction.

Prefab Homes Clayton Factory

Image Sources

As from their very definition above, prefab homes have parts that are made inside factories. This encourages an uninterrupted and systematic production time which makes it time efficient and cost-effective.

Cost-Effective Solution

Since prefab homes brag a relatively fast building period, the homeowner saves on unforeseen labor costs. The assembly is faster since the parts are premade and construction takes place in the factory. Fewer days of construction also reduce the risk of unexpected weather constraints and on-site construction-related accidents.

Customization in the Factory

The materials and components made inside the factory of the prefab home builder can be customized to suit your taste. Excellent prefab home companies research on the latest trends so as to become updated in the new architectural designs. This enables them to be more versatile and to continuously improve in the field of prefab home building.

Prefab Homes Toby Long

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Utility Saving Features

Prefab homes are also famous for their ability to cut up on overall energy consumption. During winter, owners of prefab homes may notice that their homes consume much lower energy than when they were on their previous homes. This is because prefab homes have specifications which regulate and insulate heat well inside the home.

Your Dream Prefab Home

If you are in the market for a prefab home, I recommend that you start with the links in this article to begin your search and education. There are so many possibilities in the modern prefab home that they are too numerous for just one article, so keep researching and taking notes to find the most wonderful prefab home of your dreams.

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3 Examples of Wellness Architecture for Your Home – Interior Home Design

Wellness architecture is cutting edge design and trending. However, this is not only a trend, but it is also here to stay. If you are not yet familiar with this term, here is a brief explanation.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness Architecture Initiative, “Wellness Architecture is the practice of architecture that relies on the art and science of designing built environments with socially conscious systems and materials to promote the harmonious balance between physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing while regenerating the natural environment. Human health, wellbeing, and comfort are key design considerations that augment a foundation rooted in sustainable and regenerative design practices.”

Wellness Architecture & Design

Wellness Architecture Island Tranquility

Image Source

How Buildings Affect our Wellbeing

If you think about it, we spend 90 percent of our time inside so naturally, the space in which we live, work, or play has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. So why not design with wellness in mind?

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
— Winston Churchill

To give you an idea of what this looks like in our homes, here are a few ways that you as a homeowner might take part in this trend.

  1. Build your color palettes with the naturally calming colors of the earth.
  2. Remember to keep air flowing through your home to avoid stale and unhealthy air.
  3. Check for organic and upcycled products whenever possible such as eco-chic furniture design.
  4. Invest in lots of indoor plants to help keep the air healthy as well as the harmonious visual effect of plants.
  5. Use appropriate levels of lighting depending on the room and its purpose.
  6. Natural light is always best, so whenever possible, bring in the sunlight.
  7. Switch over to solar energy wherever possible for a lower carbon footprint.
  8. Opt for building materials that are natural and non-toxic, such as marble, wood, or 100% cotton upholstery.
  9. Set aside a designated space for meditation and quiet reflection.
  10. Build an exercise room with lots of free-flowing air and natural materials.
  11. Invest in your kitchen with decor and appliances that give the incentive to eat at home more often.
  12. Design your spaces to keep them open and welcoming for great communication.

3 Wellness Design Ideas for Your Home

• Indoor Outdoor Gym

This beach home is designed with an incredible indoor-outdoor gym on the deck with a sliding ceiling cover. The fresh ocean breezes with its health-boosting negative ions and the draping green plants make this a heavenly way to stay strong and healthy.

Wellness Architecture Home Gym Design

Image Source

• Indoor Outdoor Jacuzzi and Showers

Green walls and outdoor showers with a retractable roof make this indoor-outdoor jacuzzi experience a wellness dream. The natural qualities are further exemplified by the natural finish wood slate floors for a prime example of earth elements in a healthy design.

Wellness Architecture Indoor Outdoor Jacuzzi Bathroom Wood Window Design and Wall Shower Head

Image Source

• Green Walls Inside the Home

Inside green walls are an incredible way to bring the outside in and create a healthier atmosphere in your home. This modern home employs cement walls, marble floors along with rustic wood walls and furniture frames. Altogether, this room is a fantastic example of wellness architecture and interior design.

Wellness Architecture Concrete Accent Green Wall

Image Source

When homes are designed with health and happiness in mind, everyone benefits. Whether you want to change a lot or add a few healthier design spaces in your home, continue to search for ways to bring a higher level of wellness into your home for the health and wellness of you, your family, and guests.

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The Magnificence of Arches in your Home Interior – Interior Home Design

Architectural arches and columns have long been the basis for most architectural forms. In fact, the Romans and Greeks used the diameter of the column as an architectural module and based all of a building’s measurements on it. Arches add their own unique timeless style that encourages this classical yet modern trend.

As you might guess, there are many different types of arches based on shapes and number of centers. But basically, there are four styles of arches that are most commonly used in today’s modern homes.

Modern Architectural Arches for Your Home Interior

Arches as an Entryway Into Your Home

• Roman Arch

This semi-circular arch is commonly known as the Roman arch or the round arch. In this example, the rich wood construction of this arch is complemented by the cement walls and flooring. Encased by an arch with glass windows, the door opens to an entryway that leads through the magnificent wooden arch into the rest of the home.

Arches Wood Modern Entryway

Image Source

Brick Arches for Rustic Warmth

• Segmental Arch

Another name for the Syrian arch is the segmental arch. It forms a partial curve with a small rise in the center which makes it semi-elliptical across the top. These arches open this kitchen up to the rest of the home with a robust welcome. This modern kitchen boasts a dark hardwood floor and contrasting creamy white cabinetry. The way the rustic brick contrasts with the countertops of black marble is also very striking.

Arches Brick Kichen Entry

Image Source

Modern Islamic Interior Style

• Flattened Gothic Arches

This style is broader than the traditional gothic arches of the middle age cathedrals. As you can see, they have a lower rise which is why we call them “flattened” gothic arches. One place you will find this uniquely old-world shape is in modern middle-eastern interior designs. The elegance that the arch lends to this interior wall creates a subtle statement of sophistication while the addition of lighting frames the shape with a soft glow.

Architectural Arches Modern-Islamic-Home-Interior-Design

Image Source

Classic Paired with Modern Flair

• Gothic Arches

The Gothic arch is a narrow arch and was the successor to the Roman arch. This is the arch that dominated the cathedrals of the middle ages across Europe and the Middle-east. Additionally, this style is still found in many churches around the world as well as some modern homes. In this older, refurbished building, the gothic windows overlook a minimal interior of navy blues and shades of grey. Of course, there is little decorating needed for the rest of this room because the windows make a strong enough statement by themselves.

Architectural Arches Gothic Traditional

Image Source

This is a rundown of the most used styles of arches. However, this only brushes the surface of what there is to know about arches in modern interior design. If you think arches are something you want to incorporate into your home or business interior design, I recommend that you continue to research this exciting trend for 2019.

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12 Unique Trends to Expect in Interior Design 2019 – Interior Home Design

Design 2019 is upon us and this is the time of year that we like to look around and decide what to leave behind to make room for new beginnings. So naturally, the interior design of our homes and businesses is part of this process.

“We’re seeing more robust furnishings; dimensions are larger, cushions are plusher, and detailing is more elaborate, even historical at times,”

— Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International in New York

This year there is an array of creative excitement in architectural arches, darker wood, and eco-chic choices by international designers. But, that’s not all, so read on to see what designers predict for design 2019.

12 Trends for Interior Design 2019

Trend 1 • Architectural Arches

Arches are a pleasant transition from one room to the next which is only one reason why they are a current architectural trend. They also create a luxurious classical atmosphere and add exceptional character to your modern home design. I am also impressed with the way their round soft curves create a tranquil work of art out of a simple passageway.

Design 2019 Trends Arches Three

Image Source

Trend 2 Bold Beachy Colors

I love Pantone’s Color of the Year “Living Coral”! This color is an absolute joy and will enliven any room but looks especially at home in this beach house. Pair it with other pastels or jazz it up with complimentary accessories all around.

Design 2019 Coral Pantone-color-of-2019 bedroom wall

Image Source

Trend 3 Creamy Pastel Colors

Combine the earthy elements of concrete or wood with these soft yet glowing ice-cream colors to get a space with a heavenly effervescence. This year’s pastels fit nicely with most decors and are easily complemented by terracotta or emerald green. You may consider these colors as the new neutrals for design 2019.

Design Trends 2019 Pastel Colors

Image Source

Trend 4 Earthy Natural Colors

If you want natural elements throughout your home, consider decorating in colors like this kitchen shown in Sherwin-Williams “Cavern Clay” 2019 color of the year. These colors are mediums through which you may dress up your home with sophistication or bring it right down to earth.

Design Trends 2019 Cavern Clay Kitchen

Image Source

Design 2019 Trends Earthy Colors

Image Source

Trend 5 Eco-Chic Living

Sustainable furniture design continues to expand and grow in popularity among designers. You will see more of this style in 2019 as designers explore increased possibilities of recycled materials in their creations. Shown here is the work of Kim Markel whose delightful, earth-friendly Glow Chairs are made of recycled plastic.

Design 2019 Recycled Plastic Furniture Kim Markel Glossier_credit Charlie Schuck

Image Source

Trend 6 Gallons of Greenery

Living plants instantly add inexpensive color and luxurious, organic texture to any decor. Plants not only look great with most interiors, but they also purify and keep the air healthy. As designers become more and more conscious of the importance of bringing the outside in, look for lots of greenery in design 2019 because clean air is something we all need.

Design 2019 Greenery

Image Source

Trend 7 Headboards of Grandeur

Big headboards make a grand statement as you enter a bedroom. The nice part is, you won’t need to decorate as much space so it is an easy way to bring your bedroom up to a new level. Use soft colors and textures such as a fabric that is silky to the touch in a neutral blush to create an atmosphere of serenity.

Design 2019 Trends Huge Headboards

Image Source

Trend 8 Japandi Style

When this rustic Scandinavian style melds with the traditional elegance we all expect from the Japanese style, it equals minimalism with extraordinary lines, textures, and earthbound colors. Moreover, this modernistic style is still going strong in 2019.

Design 2019 Trends Earthy Colors Japandi Style

Image Source

Trend 9 Modern Mediterranean Style

We hear a lot of buzz among designers around updating the old and bringing in the new for 2019. This is no more evident than with the modern Mediterranean style with its expected classic features plus the addition of elegant contemporary design.

Design 2019 Trends Modern Mediterranean Living Room

Image Source

Trend 10 Metallics as Accents

Metals are in and it isn’t limited to a particular tone. Use them together or use one tone across an entire room. The spectacular gold multi-layer round chandelier shines over a round glass table with a gold-toned metal base. Metallics are inherently glamorous in any setting and this one tops the charts!

Design 2019 Trends Metallic Accents

Image Source

Trend 11 Rugs as Statement Wall Art

An eclectic yet modern statement that’s now trending is when you put your rug on the wall as a striking statement of art. So, before you put that new area rug down on the floor, try it on the wall first to see how it feels. It might just be the coup de gras of your interior design for 2019.

Design 2019 Modern Rug Statement on Wall

Image Source

Trend 12 Warmer Darker Wood

A deeper, darker shade of wood is seen not only in the kitchen but the living room and bathroom as well. Interior design 2019 brings out the warmth of luxurious wood paired with textured wallpaper for layers of organic elements across the spectrum of your design. In particular, black oak is a strong trend not only for its natural beauty but also for its incredible warmth. Additionally, it gives us a feeling of being grounded which is a very nice effect for you, your family, and guests.

Image Source

Please note that if you opt for a wood basin in your bathroom such as the beauty shown below, ensure that it is sealed properly with a waterproof silicone to prevent mold and keep its finish intact for a longer period of use.

Image Source

This is a lot of information but understand that this is only the beginning of the 2019 trends! Stay tuned for upcoming posts that goe into more depth about what to look for when you want to update your surroundings to one or a few of the latest interior design alternatives and trends for your home or office.

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5 Ways to Invest in the Future of Your Home

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5 Ways to Invest in the Future of Your Home – Interior Home Design


Everyone enjoys the intrinsic pleasure from a fresh new look, however, remodeling is also a great way to invest in your home for future financial returns. You see, with the right knowledge, you not only improve your home aesthetically, but your efforts also result in higher market value.

Invest in Remodeling • 5 Ideas to Get You Started

Below, are several suggestions for upgrades that apply to almost any home, however, if you want more ideas such as bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room renovations, visit This full-service home renovation team is well-known for their excellence so, a visit to their website will be worth your time.

Replace the Windows

Give your home a new appearance and eliminate cold drafts by replacing the old with new contemporary windows. Although there are many different types of window designs, try to focus on energy efficient windows that have anti-theft locks for additional peace-of-mind.

Invest Window Renovations

Image Source

Moreover, installation of new windows not only raises your home’s value, but it also lowers your carbon footprint. Therefore, when you invest in new windows, it is a win-win all the way around.

Remodel the Kitchen

We don’t have to tell you that your kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home. Some even refer to it as the heart of the home. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to come up with creative ways to improve your kitchen’s appearance. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a new look and value. A small kitchen remodeling project will give you an exceptional return on your money.

Invest Kitchen Remodeling

Image Source

A few suggestions are to install contemporary cabinetry, attractive flooring, and beautiful countertops. If needed, installation of new appliances also helps raise the value.

Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Your lawn is the first thing that people notice when they pull up in your driveway. This is why “curb appeal” is so important throughout the entire year. So get down to the home store and pick up that fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

Invest Landscape Design

Image Source

Use your imagination and get creative with your landscape designs. For example, you can place attractive stones along your driveway. If you are on a tight budget, you can place inexpensive solar lights along your walkways. At the end of the day, beautiful landscaping will leave a big impression on your guests and future buyer.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Real estate sales studies show that one fresh coat of paint might add thousands of dollars to a house’s selling price. Moreover, a fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive upgrades you can give your home. If you’re handy with the paintbrush, this is a great DIY project.

Invest Fresh Coat of Paint

Image Source

Save with Adequate Insulation

If you want to lower your monthly utility bill good insulation needs to be at the top of your list. Do you know what’s in your attic and walls? If not, it’s time for you to call the professionals to determine if you have adequate insulation.

Be Open to Renovations

Purchasing a home is most likely one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your lifetime. However, if you are open to remodeling and renovations, the effort will give you a great return on your investments for your beautiful home.

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Home Water Purification; 4 Systems You Need to Know – Interior Home Design

The water purification industry has grown in recent years thanks to numerous health scares and widespread knowledge of the unwanted chemicals in our water. The sensible option is to install a water purification system.

However, there are several different types of filtration systems and, the one you choose depends on the quality of the water you currently use. So, with your water test results in hand, here are four home water purification systems for your selection.

4 Systems to Bring You the Best Home Water Purification

Water Purification Systems for the Home

Image Source

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

In a reverse osmosis water filter system, natural osmosis happens when water or any other liquid passes through a membrane. Reverse osmosis is when the liquid is forced through the membrane in the opposite direction to that which it would normally travel.

Water Purification Reverse Osmosis System

Image Source

This results in the removal of ions, large particles and even some molecules from the water. It is particularly effective at removing bacteria and bugs from the water. The force behind this ensures that only the pure liquid is allowed to travel on through the other membranes and into your home.

An important step because it removes excess sodium and leads, this treatment helps to eliminate the two elements that can build up in the body and cause long-term damage.

If you want to remove chlorine, fluoride, organic compounds, and sediment, this is a very effective filtration system. In fact, this is the most common type of household filtration system.

Ceramic Water Filter

Ceramic filters, by design, remove bacteria, viruses, and even protozoa which are single-celled organisms that live in the water and may be parasitic in nature. Water Purification Ceramic System

Image Source

It is good to note that the quality of the ceramic that is in use directly affects the efficiency of this type of filter.

Sand and Charcoal Water Filter

Sand and charcoal are the default filters of choice when you lose your way in the wilderness and need to clean your water. These two substances are almost always available and will remove all the debris from your water. It is good enough to get rid of even the smallest particles.

Water Purification Sand and Charcoal System

Image Source

However, sand is not effective at eliminating bacteria and that’s why you need to boil the water in the wild. It’s best to boil it first, then pour it through your sand and charcoal filtering system.

Ultra Violet Water Filter

The sun is extremely powerful. You probably already know that too much exposure to UV rays can kill skin cells in humans. The same is true for all life forms. If you pass water through an ultraviolet ray then the bacteria in the water will die.Water Purification Ultraviolet System

Image Source

UV is so powerful that it will kill almost every bacterium known to man. This is definitely the most effective way of removing bacteria but it does nothing for debris.

Carbon Water Filter

The carbon filter is popular because it’s good all around and it’s inexpensive. Most carbon filters can remove the taste and odor of the water but not all can remove the sodium, minerals, or even inorganic substances that are removed with other systems.Water Purification Carbon Water Filter System

Image Source

The Bottom Line

Every one of these filters is effective but none of them do everything. When you get the test results for your water, you’ll be able to better determine which system or combination is right for your purposes.

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4 Tips to Build a Green Energy Efficient Home – Interior Home Design

Do you know that you will lower your energy costs if you prepare your home for green energy efficiency? Although it costs more to build a new home with energy efficiency, it does not take long to make a return on that investment.

With the newer technologies available, there are innovative new ways to build and design your home in an energy efficient manner. This is why Electrician Goldcoast is dedicated to helping you save on energy. They offer the following tips to help you lower your carbon footprint.

Green Energy Home • 4 Things You Need to Know

Plan Ahead

When you design a house to be energy efficient, it is important that you consider each step you take ahead of time. Learn which permits you need and how to submit all the proper applications for them. To be energy efficient, consider things that may differ from a normal build, and plan for them, to avoid more work in the future.

Green energy plans for home

Image Source

Solar Power

One great way to get a green energy efficient home is to use solar power. So, if you plan to build, find a location that gets a great deal of sunlight to help power your house. Another consideration in your design plans is to position the house in the most beneficial direction to get the most rays from the sun.

Green energy solar power home

Image Source

For instance, try to keep windows away from direct sunlight if you want it cooler in the summer. However, this also depends on your geographical location. Do your research and make use of the sun for a more green energy efficient home.

Seal the Openings

Inspect all the seals in your home to further ensure that you get a green energy home. Without good seals, you will lose a lot of heat and money as it flows out through the cracks in the doors and windows.

Green energy seal windows doors

Image Source

So, inspect those areas to be certain that all your joints, sills, ducts, doors and vents have adequate seals. Remember, your home stays warmer or cooler with proper sealing all around.

Energy Saving Lights

There are numerous LED lighting options available today for lighting your home. LED lights are the most energy efficient light available, and last much longer than it’s predecessors. Consider going through your home and replace the old bulbs with LED bulbs. You’re sure to see a reduction in your power bill.

Green energy LED light bulbs

Image Source

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7 Types of Fencing for Your Yard or Garden – Interior Home Design

Fencing is part of your landscape design and plays a big part in the aesthetic value of your yard. However, it’s not just for looks. The function of your fence also determines what type and style of fence you need. To make sure you get the right fencing for the yard or garden, you need to be clear about the purpose of your fence.

Fencing Wrought Iron and Stone

Image Source


•   Security:  keep your animals in / people out.
•   Privacy:  provide a barrier from the outside world.
•   Protection:  protect your plants and animals from wildlife.
•   Aesthetics:  enhance the appearance of your property.

Once you determine your purpose, it’s time to select the right fencing type and style. Another consideration is your budget; cost is often the deciding factor when you choose what fencing material to use. The most common garden fence materials are wood, bamboo, wire mesh or chain link, metal, and electric fencing.


Wood is the natural option, it is aesthetically pleasing, and can be used to create many different designs and types of fencing. You might select a solid fence for privacy or the classic post and rail.

Fencing Stained Wood Fence

Image Source

Whether you keep it natural or paint your wooden fence, it will require regular maintenance to protect it from the elements. You need to repaint or retreat it annually. The quality of the wood determines the cost. For those on a tight budget, lap panels would be the least expensive form of wooden fencing.


Add a touch of the exotic to your yard. Bamboo fences are ideal for screening or privacy, and the bamboo itself is extremely durable, requiring very little maintenance. Bamboo fencing comes in rolls and panels so is easy to construct and is suitable for both perimeters fencing as well as an internal screening of patios and terraces.

Fencing Bamboo Privacy Fence

Image Source

Do you know that a bamboo plant is a form of grass? But, don’t let that fool you because it’s highly durable. Plus, it resembles wood aesthetically and is one of the fastest growing plants. As a result, it is a great alternative to wood.

Wire Mesh • Chain Link

A chain link or wire mesh fence is more functional than aesthetic, but it is also very secure so ideal for families with dogs and young children.

Fencing Chain Link Decorative

Image Source

This is a very durable, low maintenance fencing option, that won’t break the bank. Planting shrubs, flowers and climbers can improve both the look of the fence as well as provide some privacy.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is the traditional, heritage metal fencing material, and is still used for estate fencing and perimeter fences, but it is gradually being replaced by lower maintenance metals like steel and aluminum. However, a well-maintained wrought iron fence will last a lifetime.

Fencing Wrought Iron Fence

Image Source

Wrought iron provides a very strong, aesthetic fence, but it does require regular maintenance to retain their look. It needs to be sanded down and repainted every two or three years to protect it from the elements.


Aluminum is a recent addition to the domestic fencing market, however, in hotter climates, it is popular for use around swimming pools. This type of fencing comes in many designs and heights and is a very low maintenance metal fence option.

Fencing Aluminum Brown Fence

Image Source

Unlike wrought iron, it doesn’t corrode, so will stay looking good over time. It is a lightweight metal, and not as strong as iron or steel, so it can bend or dent. An environmental consideration is that it is completely recyclable.


Steel is overtaking wrought iron to become the metal of choice for traditional metal fencing. As well as being aesthetically attractive, steel is stronger than other metal options.

Fencing Steel Fence Decorative

Image Source

It can withstand harsh weather and doesn’t rot, so requires less maintenance. Installing metal fencing is, in most cases, not a DIY job, but once in place, a steel fence will last for years.


Electric fencing is a perfect option for protecting your plants, vegetables, and ponds in your garden. It can also ensure that your dog doesn’t slip through your existing fence. Electric fences are lightweight and portable, and easy to install.

Fencing Electrric Garden Pet Fence

Image Source

You can use netting or lines of tape to deter predators from raiding your fishpond and keep rabbits away from your vegetables. The fence posts and tapes come in green and black, so your fence will blend in with the surroundings.

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The Best Marble Designs for Room Interiors – Interior Home Design

Marble is one of the most durable and attractive design options for a variety of rooms in your home. From flooring to tiles for your bathroom, there are a lot of ways to add this element to your home design. But what are the best designs from which to choose? Below, you’ll find four of the most popular types and styles of marble to help you imagine how these styles will look in your home.

4 Marble Styles for Your Home

Marble Walls Countertops Bathroom

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For something that’s warm and goes with many decors, consider Emperador, which is a Spanish marble that definitely adds a level of sophistication to any room.

Marble Emperador Dark Spain

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This style can be purchased in dark brown and light brown colors with white and gray veining. Either way, you’ll have countertops that are the envy of your neighborhood.


There are several different types of Calacatta marble, as you can see by visiting You might mistake Calcutta for Carrara because both of these designs are similar in their veining and color.

Marble Calacatta Gold

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However, there are things that set Calacatta apart. It features a bright white color and thick veining in black and gold. You can easily incorporate this marble into a wide variety of interior design schemes to make any space look more luxurious than before.


Another hugely popular marble design is Carrara. In fact, this design is considered the most common and affordable of all of the marble types available. If you’re on a budget, this design is a great choice, as it allows you to incorporate the look of sophistication at an affordable price.

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When you look at this marble, you notice the background color is a lovely greyish white. The veining, which is soft and typically linear, is also colored gray, and the veining can even be described as feathery and fine.

Nero Marquina

If you are in search of a style that is more striking, look no further than the dramatically beautiful Nero Marquina style. This Spanish marble features a deep black color with white veining that provides a striking and glamorous contrast.

Marble Nero Marquina

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Perfect for modern interior design schemes, you can add this marble as a backsplash in your kitchen, or you can add it to your bathroom when you want to add a darker color to the mix.

As you can see, there are a lot of marble types from which to choose. Of course, if the selection process becomes too overwhelming, I recommend that you consult with a professional to select the specific type and style of marble that is just right for you, your home, and your interior design.

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