3 Possibilities of Eco-chic Furniture Design in 2019 – Interior Home Design

Eco-chic furniture design continues to expand and grow in popularity among designers. As technology provides designers with increased possibilities of recycled materials, you will see more of this trend in 2019. Also, because scientists and designers are sure to discover new ways to build sustainable furniture, this is a trend that will be around for years to come.

Eco-chic Furniture Design 2019

Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Furniture

This set really pops when you combine yesterday’s fishing boat wood with a fresh coat of bright paint. With white trim paint and vibrant colors over reclaimed wood, this set looks ready for a day around the pool. When you combine classic shapes with aged wood that tells stories, you have a winning collection of EcoChic Lifestyles outdoor furniture.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Outdoor Furniture

Image Source

All Natural Eco Furniture

“Healthy Planet, Healthy Home” is the motto for Stem furniture. For some companies, one or two eco-friendly elements are enough but not here. Instead, they make each component of every piece of furniture with the best available non-toxic materials. Additionally, they use no fire retardants and they strive for a reduction of harsh chemicals.

Eco-chic Furniture Design All Natural Furniture

Image Source

A Delightful Eco Glow Collection

Shown here is the work of Kim Markel whose delightful, earth-friendly Glow Collection pieces are made of recycled plastic. These deceptively delicate creations are said by some to look good enough to eat. To have a lighter impact on the world, she uses existing materials in her creations.

Eco-chic Furniture Design Kim Merkel Glow Collection

Image Source

I hope this gives you a step in the right direction about what is available for eco-chic furniture design. However, there is a whole world of possibilities so I invite you to return to see more updates about this and other interior design trends of 2019.

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4 Steps to Take Before You Order Furniture Online – Interior Home Design

There are amazing stores that sell furniture online. One advantage is that you will find items that you are unable to find locally. Your purchased furniture will also be less expensive because you’ve taken advantage of online price comparison. What could be more convenient?

However, consider this scenario. You have searched extensively and finally found the perfect sofa online. Now, you’re ready to place an order yet you’re apprehensive because you don’t know what it’s going to look like in your home. Are you making the right decision?

Furniture is an investment so it’s difficult to know how to make the right choice without the traditional showroom viewing. To help you, here are some tips to keep in mind when you order furniture online.

A Guide to Ordering Furniture Online

Online Furniture Couple Ordering from Home

Image Source

Step 1 • Learn About the Company

One of the most important things to consider is the reputation of the company itself. There are plenty of online furniture retailers, but not all are reputable and not all are suitable for you. For instance, furniture might ship from somewhere else in the world, so it could take months to get your furniture. Not to mention, the shipping fees could get out of sight.

Issues like these and others make it important to look for information on the company’s website, such as reviews and comments from former customers. Reviews are an excellent source of information but look for them off the company website as well by doing a thorough search for independent, third-party reviews. Be sure to look for shipping reviews in addition to reviews about the quality of the furniture.

Step 2 • Be Clear About the Return Policy

If you purchase a piece of furniture online and you want to return it to the retailer if it doesn’t work out, will you be able to? This is something you should look into before making any buying decisions.

Carefully read the fine print of the retailer’s return policy before you buy. If the return policy is not posted or unclear, make sure you contact the retailer directly with your detailed questions. Also ask about re-stocking and shipping fees because sometimes even if a store accepts returns, you still have to pay for these charges.

Additionally, always calculate your total costs before you order by factoring in the cost of the furniture, shipping and insurance, returns (if any), and taxes.

Step 3 • Carefully Record Measurements

Even if you find a quality furniture retailer and they have a great return policy, that doesn’t mean returning a large piece of furniture is going to be easy. That’s where measuring comes into the equation. Don’t try to eyeball a piece of furniture based on the pictures on the website to decide if it will fit.

Online Furniture Dimensions

Image Source

Instead, remember to measure carefully and compare your measurements against the dimensions listed on the product page. If it’s a large or unusually expensive piece of furniture, save yourself a lot of time and trouble by recreating the size and shape of the furniture using painter’s tape. (This is something professional designers often do.)

Along with these measurements, think about potential obstacles that might block the delivery of your furniture. For example, if you order something that comes fully assembled, will it fit through your front door and any other passageways in your home?

Step 4 • Request Fabric and Finish Samples

Online Furniture Fabric Swatches

Image Source

Finally, many online furnishing retailers will happily provide you with free samples of both the finish and the fabric so you get to see and feel them before you order. So, if this interests you, contact the manufacturer’s customer service team to ask for free swatches to ensure what you want is what you ultimately order.

A very nice feature of some online furniture retailers is their built-in website tools that let customers upload their own photos. This gives you a closer look at how the furniture will look and feel in your home once it has arrived.

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6 Favorite Choices of 2019 Interior Color Trends – Interior Home Design

Color trends come and go while a well-coordinated interior color scheme stands the test of time. But, if you love interior design, you’re always on the lookout for new trends in fantastic colors. So, to find out what’s hot for 2019, let’s take a look at some color predictions made for the coming year by some of the top paint companies.

Top Choices for 2019 Color Trends

Sherwin-Williams • Cavern Clay

An earthy hue with boldness, this elemental color is sure to add the feeling of a wind-swept desert or an evening at the beach to your interior. Add other earth elements such as tiles, stones, and pops of green plants to bring out a big warm welcome in your home.

Color Trends Cavern Clay Sherwin Williams

Image Source

Benjamin-Moore • Metropolitan

Neutral and understated, this elegant color exudes with sophistication and balance. As a highly adaptable color, it also finishes with a soft matte or a beautiful sheen that shimmers.

Color Trends Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF 690

Image Source

Valspar • Crisp Illuminated Violet

Taken from virtual reality, this is one of 12 colors of the year in the Valspar 2019 collection. This illuminated color is almost vibrant enough to be neon yet soft enough for a clean, modern style in your home.

Color Trends Vlaspar Clean Crisp Violet

Image Source

Behr • Blueprint

The Behr Blueprint color is a true blue with no hint of green or aqua which is a change from the trends of recent years. Simplicity makes this a good choice for an introduction to your interior without a lot of re-decorating or other color changes.

Color Trends Behr Blueprint Color of the Year 2019

Image Source

Dutch Boy • Garden Patch

Soft grassy green with a touch of happiness gives this top rating as a 2019 color of the year from Dutch Boy paints. Moreover, this color will bring out the positivity in your interior design with its inherent comfort level.

Color Trends Garden Patch Dutch Boy

Image Source

Ace Hardware • Clark + Kensington • Pineapple Cream Granita

This exciting shade of yellow is light and airy but that’s not all that makes this color special. It is the first color to ever be mixed, created and named solely by an Ace customer during the Color of the Year contest!

Color Trends Pineapple Cream Granita Clark + Kensington 2019 Color of the Year

Image Source

These selections are only the beginning of the new 2019 color of the year trends. So, if you don’t find something here that sparks your interest, keep searching for the right new shade of paint. Also, I recommend that you subscribe for upcoming posts so you are the first to learn about the trending colors of 2019.

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6 Styles of Winter Rugs You Can Heat Up Over – Interior Home Design

Winter rugs have so much more to offer than warming your feet. As a decor item, they are a great way to refresh your interior design for the winter season. They’re also a great way to subtly change the look and feel of any room at any time of year.

For those who like to change out their rugs with the seasons, here are six inspirations to get your winter creativity flowing.

Winter Rugs • 6 Styles for Inspiration

Modern Lodge Rustic

Could this modern lodge-style room be any more heartwarming? It’s impossible to find a space in this room that is not either a natural element or is completely surrounded by one. The room colors of wood, leather, and stone fill the geometric patterns in this rug. Moreover, this provocative rug provides a visual pathway from the center of the room to the breathtaking view outside.

Winter Rugs Aspen Ski Lodge Ethnic Patterns

Image Source

Modern Sizzle Statement

An extra layer of sizzlingly elegant energy brings this modern dining room to life with its red, orange, pink, and purple area rug. How imaginative it is to add this rug to the earthy textures of cement, wood, and metal in this modern interior design.

Winter Rugs Contemporary Design

Image Source

Urban Interior Naturals

Greenery, wood, and metal combine for this naturalistic and cozy interior design. At the same time, the straight and geometric lines of this design are delightfully interrupted by the offset op art rug with its black and white brilliance.

Winter Rugs Black White Jungle Stripes

Image Source

Classic Vintage Style

It doesn’t have to be a traditional setting for this rug to fit in, however, this small vintage rug fits in nicely with this English country room setting. It brightly pops as it sits on top of a snow white plush carpet. This room feels like winter warm with its dark orange and light toast color scheme.

Winter Rugs Orange-Brown English Country

Image Source

Chevron Winter Brown

From the beige to white walls to the sofa with wintery blue pillows, this room makes a modern, fluid statement. Additionally, the caramel-hued wood furniture and leather chairs in the dining room are delicious atop a lighter shade of hardwood floor. While beneath it all, the jazzy brown and white chevron rug brings this entire space together.

Image Source

Nordic Winter Neutrals

Big loops in a cross-hatch pattern in this Nordic-style rug add warm and wonderful layers of texture to this bedroom. White walls contrasted with thin black big frames are greeted with pops of greenery here and there while the light greys and beiges in the fabrics give this room a soft feeling of comfort.

Image Source

Now that you’ve viewed these examples of inspiration, do you know what you want in your home? If you’re still not sure, I suggest that you continue your search to find just the right winter rugs for your interior design. With so many from which to choose and a little effort, you’re sure to find the perfect rug for your beautiful home.

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3 Ways to Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home

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3 Ways to Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home – Interior Home Design

Cinnamon is a warm, spicy herb, the mere mention of which warms everyone’s heart. It’s almost impossible to think about it without thoughts of a warm, sweet dessert by a cozy fire. As a result, this color is a big endorphin booster for many people.

The most well-known version is a deep reddish brown. However, after an online search, I think there are those designers who have their own favorite shades of cinnamon. Never-the-less, my curiosity compelled me to search for cinnamon as a color scheme for a few different types of rooms.

It’s a strong color, so less daring people only use it as an accent. However, if its a big statement you want, this color will do that for you. Below are three rooms designed with cinnamon in their color scheme.

Cinnamon in Your Home Decor
• 3 Rooms for Inspiration

Dining Room Wall

One wall painted in cinnamon warms this entire scene. The warm wall is brought down to earth by the large green leafy plants on either side and the big Moroccan style statement mirror. The layers of textures are amazing starting with the stone floor and the patterned area rug.

Cinnamon Dining Room Walls

Image Source

Kitchen Cabinets

Check out these perfect cherry cabinets that sport a rich cinnamon color in this modern kitchen. This room makes a quiet statement of serenity with the earthy green walls and multi-colored rugs. The cabinets blend well with the black marble countertop. They also make a nice contrast with the natural lighter tone of the hardwood floor.

Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets Cinnamon Colored Wood

Image Source

A Young Man’s Bedroom

What young man wouldn’t love this room? With its striking walls accented with white ceiling and trim, this room has an ethnic flair. The neutral colors and patterns in the area rug soften the stark contrast between the black bedroom set and the cinnamon walls.

Cinnamon Bedroom Walls

Image Source

Do you like these inspirations with their warm cinnamon? If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you continue your search to bring this earthy color into your home. First, find your favorite shade and then decide where it will look best in your home. I wish you the best of success as you add the color cinnamon to the interior design of your home.

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7 Plants and Flowers of the Winter Holiday Season – Interior Home Design

Holiday plants and flowers are one way that we bring the outside into our homes during the winter months. Not only do these wonderful plants bring colorful greetings to all who enjoy them, but they also improve the quality of the air in our homes.

Additionally, they add aromatic scents to your home which serves to increase endorphins and elevate moods. Many studies have shown that recovery time for patients is greatly reduced when live plants are brought into their rooms. So, for infinite Christmas cheer, bring lots of plants home for the holidays. To get you started, I’ve listed seven traditional holiday plants and flowers of the season.

Winter Holiday Season Plants and Flowers 


The graceful Amaryllis is an eye-catching addition to your holiday decor. The tall trumpet-like flowers call in the season with a delicate yet bold statement. You can find this flower in other colors, but they are usually found in red during the holidays. Their petals might be solid, striped, or speckled which makes them even more festive.

Holiday Plants Amaryllis

Image Source

Christmas Cactus

The striking Christmas Catus with its luxuriously bright red flowers and green cacti are a favorite of many. The flowers bloom at the end of the leaves bursting forth with splendor. Interestingly, this flower blooms closer to Thanksgiving but never-the-less it remains a Christmas holiday classic.

Holiday Plants Christmas Cactus

Image Source

Christmas Tree

When we discuss holiday plants, we must include the Christmas tree. I’m sure you know there is a multitude of varieties available both as freshly cut trees and the artificial tree. Some favorite types of trees are Douglas fir, Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine, White Pine, and White Spruce.

Holiday Plants Large Christmas Tree

Image Source


Commonly found in wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces, these berries illuminate the holidays with their petite red berries and lush greenery. You might not find this shrub in a pot to bring inside however, it is widely used for decorations. There are many varieties of holly shrubs from which to choose, but the most commonly used Holly decor is the Winterberry as shown below and the European Holly with its well-known pointy leaves.

Holiday Plants Winterberry

Image Source


The tradition of the Misletoe is so endearing that even though the early Christian church frowned upon the use of this plant, it did not deter people from continuing to use it as a holiday decoration. In ancient times, it was seen as a symbol of fertility. Now, it’s used to sneak a kiss from your favorite Santa!

Holiday Plants Kissing Under the MIstletoe

Image Source


The Poinsettias have long been a favorite of mine. This is a lush, tropical plant that can be purchased in pots from just about anywhere during the holidays. You can find it in a wide variety of colors and with patterned or speckled leaves. What’s really fun is that some florists dye them different colors and even add sparkles!

Holiday Plants Poinsettia Pot

Image Source


This plant is associated with the holidays because it is a part of the Nativity story where the Baby Jesus’ clothes were dried on a Rosemary bush. The Christian belief was that when you smell the Rosemary it will bring you good luck. While many know this as an herb used in cooking, it’s also found as a holiday decoration because when it’s pruned in the shape of a Christmas tree, it makes a delightful and aromatic holiday plant.

Holiday Plants Rosemary Christmas Tree

Image Source

Happy Holiday Decorating!

Last minute gifts or holiday party door prizes are a breeze when you keep extra plants on hand. Every family member and guest appreciates holiday plants and they will admire your thoughtfulness. So get online or drive to the store and bring home holiday plant decorations to create lasting memories for you, your family, and guests.

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6 Easy Winter Red Berry Christmas Centerpieces – Interior Home Design

The big day is only a few weeks away and the preparations are in order but what about the Christmas dinner centerpieces? If you haven’t yet made plans for them, here are some ideas that might help you with inspiration for your own centerpieces this holiday season.

Have a Red Berry Christmas • 6 Easy Centerpieces

With these berries of red in your holiday decor, your dinner table will be a place of cheer. Regardless of whether you use faux or natural, it’s so easy to put these centerpieces together with material and fresh plants you bring home. The faux elements last longer, but they don’t have the aromatic scents that you’ll enjoy with the natural elements. You might even mix them together to get just the right look for your centerpiece.

3 Types of Red Holiday Decor Berries

   Winterberry Holly: Leaves Optional

This shrub, whose name is derived from its Christmas-red berries, grows slowly to about 15 feet high and is native to North America. They carry their leaves until around late October when they shed leaving them with only the bright red berries. With or without their leaves, they are a favorite decor element for Christmas dinner centerpieces.

Centerpieces Christmas Berry Bouquet Frosty Snowman

Image Source

Centerpieces Christmas Berry Naturals

Image Source

   European Hollyberry

This winter shrub with its red berries and green pointy leaves has been a holiday favorite for longer than you might think. It dates back to the time of the Druids who revered this plant as a symbol of everlasting life. Additionally, the ancient Romans decked their halls with boughs of holly during the festival of Saturnalia, which commemorates Saturn, the God of agriculture and harvest. Later adopted by the Christians, it became a symbol of Jesus’ promise of everlasting life. What enduring, lovely traditions this berry has given the world.

Centerpieces Holly Berry

Image Source

Centerpieces Christmas Holly Berry

Image Source

   Cranberry Shrub

Cranberries are small evergreen shrubs with edible red berries that carry a powerful punch of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. These berries are a favorite dish, however, they also add delightful holiday cheer to centerpieces. Moreover, they are larger in size than the holly berries and their deep red color adds elegance to any dinner setting.

Centerpieces Christmas Berry White Roses

Image Source

Centerpieces Christmas Berry Candles Green Ribbon

Image Source

May Your Days be Merry

With these examples, I hope you’ve found an idea for your creative holiday red berry dinner centerpieces. If you use natural berries and other elements, remember to keep them watered throughout the holidays so that they last as long as possible. Also, be sure to plan and prepare your centerpieces in advance so that you’ll have plenty of time to sit down and enjoy your family and guests this holiday season.

Centerpieces Christmas Berry Wreath

Image Source

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4 Inspirations of Gold Wall Decor for Warmth and Sparkle – Interior Home Design

Winter is the perfect time of year for the warm effect of gold decor on your walls. Do you know that some people believe that gold has a relaxing effect on humans? Some also believe that gold has healing qualities. It’s logical because when we relax, our bodies heal faster. Never-the-less, there is nothing that will warm your winter decor better than a sparkling touch of gold to your walls.

Wall Decor in Your Home • Sparkle with the Spirit of Gold

Round Statement Mirror

Do you want to make a striking statement for your walls? The elegance of this modern Italian gold leaf round mirror does just that and does so in exceptional style. Place this over a buffet, at the end of a hallway or over your sofa to add this golden beauty to your home decor.

Gold Round Statement Mirror

Image Source

Wallpaper that Pops

The illusion of 3D makes this wallpaper unique and exciting. What a winter wonderland you walk into with golden 3D snowflakes across your entire living room wall! The nice thing about modern wallpaper is it’s easier to remove than its predecessors so you can switch things up when Spring rolls around.

Gold 3D Snowflake Wallpaper

Image Source

Golden Glitter Lips

I’m absolutely in love with this modern setting. The textures of the concrete wall and the patterned canvas are a perfect backdrop for the golden glitter lips. The simplicity of the chair with its light wood and taupe fabric enhance the beauty of this decor in which all the elements work together for a wow statement.

Gold Lips Statement Grey Wall

Image Source

Holiday Cheer Decal

If you’re into simplicity, you’ll love this peel off Christmas decor. This is great for last-minute party decorations or as a modern minimal design for the holidays. I recommend that you continue to search online for other holiday peel offs that make your life easier. This is easy to implement and a cheerful message for all who visit you over the holidays!

Gold Merry Christmas Peel Off Wall Decal

Image Source

I hope you’ve found these examples of golden wall decor to be something that might sparkle your walls during the long winter months or any time of year. May the warmth of gold enliven your walls for all the seasons of your life as you entertain your family, friends, and guests.

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4 Tips of Cheer to Last All Year; Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues – Interior Home Design

With all the family get-togethers, vacation destinations, and bright lights of this season, it’s no small wonder that many suffer from post-holiday blues. Many people beat this with important projects that need to start right after the new year or they make an ever effective gratitude list. Everything helps, but let’s consider how to alleviate at least some of the post-holiday let-down through our seasonal decor.

Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues • Decorate with Cheer to Last All Year

Everyone gets the post-holiday blues in one form or another. Some people still miss their family members that are gone and some miss the bright lights. Some are down and out from the stress and anxiety of too much action and not enough sleep. But I believe the visual transition from your everyday home to a joyous decor that brims with cheer and then back to the norm again is the real culprit for most people. Here are some ideas to keep that transition smoother and perhaps not so abrupt.

Decor that Lasts Year Round

A Christmas tree is a big focal point in a room. When the entire tree is taken away, there is usually nothing left in its place. That’s a recipe for disappointment to our senses on an intrinsic level. Consider instead a live holiday tree growing in its own pot. One such example is the popular Norfolk Island Pine. You may purchase these trees from almost any home store and take one home today. Usually, Norfolk Island Pine is initially sold in a smaller size which makes it perfect for tables.

Post-Holiday Blues Holiday Norfolk Pine

Image Source

If it’s not big enough to be your main tree, dress it up anyway because this tree will remain after the other is done to help ease your post-holiday blues. With the proper care, Norfolk Pines grow indefinitely inside your home and before you know it, you might find it grown enough to be your main holiday tree.

Post-Holiday Blues Large Norfolk Pine

Image Source

The Essence of Memories

Fill your room with the natural scents of the season and keep those scents going long after the holidays are past. Imagine the essence of pine cones or cinnamon as it floats through the air. That’s a lovely effect many of us enjoy during the holidays but why not keep the essence of the holidays lingering in the air year-round with essential oils or candles?

Post-Holiday Blues Seasonal Cheer Candles

Image Source

The right scents lift your spirits no matter the time of year. If they aren’t already in use, bring out the candles, incense, and diffusers after the holidays. Also, add different touches of decor to them throughout the year, but continue to use this warm and inviting element in your rooms year-round.

Joy through the Year

An idea that involves your color scheme is the keep the holidays neutral to make it a smoother and simpler visual change after the holidays. Use neutral yet conversation evoking decor to transition through to the new year and beyond with these natural suggestions.

Post-Holiday Blues Neutral Decor Tablescape

Image Source

One suggestion is to use your usual living room color scheme and add complimenting holiday colors that don’t go extinct when December 26th rolls around. Take a look at the image below and decide what items you would keep on display after the holidays. Imagine this as you gradually diffuse the current seasonal decor and easily transition it to your next design.

Post-Holiday Blues Neutral Decor Black and White

Image Source

This natural scene layers twigs, pine cones, and peacock feathers for an earthy combination that pops with a hint of the holiday. This very interesting yet generic decor transitions nicely clear throughout the winter months to keep your cheer factor intact.

Post-Holiday Blues Peacock Feathers and Cones

Image Source

Get Your Next Party On!

First, remember to remind yourself that the new year is about new beginnings. Moreover, I think we all know that nothing works better to help us beat the post-holiday blues than a good diversion. So, what are your plans for the new year? Get your new year’s resolution list written and fill in your calendar with upcoming celebrations. Then, sit down directly and begin your plans for the gatherings of the coming year with all your family, friends and guests.

Post-Holiday Blues Holiday Women Planning Parties

Image Source

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3 Holiday Color Schemes to Jazz Up Your Seasonal Decor – Interior Home Design

Is it time to jazz up your holiday color schemes for this season? There is so much more from which to choose than the traditional red and green although it is still a favorite of mine. Unless you work in the design industry, the selection of any ‘color scheme’ is daunting to most, however, I think I can make this easier for you. So, if you’re ready for a change, let’s explore a few delightful color schemes that you might enjoy and use in your home this season.

Jazz Up Your Seasonal Decor • 3 Holiday Color Schemes

Glamorous • Blush Pink • Rose Gold

When I saw this tree, I thought I had walked into a dream! This color scheme starts with a white flocked tree as the base. Add to that the gorgeous, large blush pink silk flowers along with the glass ornaments in blush pink, rose gold, silver, and white. This design is breath-taking yet easy to put together with the three colors of blush pink, rose gold, and white. Surround this dreamy combination with silver, white, and copper room decor for a glamorous design.

Holiday Color Scheme Blush Pink - Rose Gold - White

Image Source

Nautical • Copper • Dark Blue

This is the perfect nautical color scheme in copper, dark blue, and bright white. This green tree is loaded with big ornaments in variating sizes and styles. The colors shine through in the ornaments of gold glass, soft iridescent copper, bright white, along with the stars and snowflakes. This supports a surrounding design of blues, coppers, greys, and natural wood for a fantastic room full of nautical cheer.

Holiday Color Scheme Bright White Copper and Blue

Image Source

Traditional • Silver • Gold

I love trees with big ribbons and this is a great example of ribbon tree decor. This tree is textured with many levels of glittering silver and gold ribbons and ornaments. It sparkles with tiny silver poinsettias tucked generously around the tree. Follow this color scheme all the way through the wrapping of the presents for a truly luxurious and cheerful holiday event.

Holiday Color Scheme Silver and Gold Ornaments

Image Source

Happy Holidays to You & Yours

Holiday Color Scheme Christmas Candle Arrangement

Image Source

Whether you opt for traditional colors or something a little different, it is my wish that you find your inspiration for an amazing holiday color scheme. Moreover, may the colorful season ahead be full of warmth and cheer for you, your family and guests.

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