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With all the family get-togethers, vacation destinations, and bright lights of this season, it’s no small wonder that many suffer from post-holiday blues. Many people beat this with important projects that need to start right after the new year or they make an ever effective gratitude list. Everything helps, but let’s consider how to alleviate at least some of the post-holiday let-down through our seasonal decor.

Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues • Decorate with Cheer to Last All Year

Everyone gets the post-holiday blues in one form or another. Some people still miss their family members that are gone and some miss the bright lights. Some are down and out from the stress and anxiety of too much action and not enough sleep. But I believe the visual transition from your everyday home to a joyous decor that brims with cheer and then back to the norm again is the real culprit for most people. Here are some ideas to keep that transition smoother and perhaps not so abrupt.

Decor that Lasts Year Round

A Christmas tree is a big focal point in a room. When the entire tree is taken away, there is usually nothing left in its place. That’s a recipe for disappointment to our senses on an intrinsic level. Consider instead a live holiday tree growing in its own pot. One such example is the popular Norfolk Island Pine. You may purchase these trees from almost any home store and take one home today. Usually, Norfolk Island Pine is initially sold in a smaller size which makes it perfect for tables.

Post-Holiday Blues Holiday Norfolk Pine

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If it’s not big enough to be your main tree, dress it up anyway because this tree will remain after the other is done to help ease your post-holiday blues. With the proper care, Norfolk Pines grow indefinitely inside your home and before you know it, you might find it grown enough to be your main holiday tree.

Post-Holiday Blues Large Norfolk Pine

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The Essence of Memories

Fill your room with the natural scents of the season and keep those scents going long after the holidays are past. Imagine the essence of pine cones or cinnamon as it floats through the air. That’s a lovely effect many of us enjoy during the holidays but why not keep the essence of the holidays lingering in the air year-round with essential oils or candles?

Post-Holiday Blues Seasonal Cheer Candles

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The right scents lift your spirits no matter the time of year. If they aren’t already in use, bring out the candles, incense, and diffusers after the holidays. Also, add different touches of decor to them throughout the year, but continue to use this warm and inviting element in your rooms year-round.

Joy through the Year

An idea that involves your color scheme is the keep the holidays neutral to make it a smoother and simpler visual change after the holidays. Use neutral yet conversation evoking decor to transition through to the new year and beyond with these natural suggestions.

Post-Holiday Blues Neutral Decor Tablescape

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One suggestion is to use your usual living room color scheme and add complimenting holiday colors that don’t go extinct when December 26th rolls around. Take a look at the image below and decide what items you would keep on display after the holidays. Imagine this as you gradually diffuse the current seasonal decor and easily transition it to your next design.

Post-Holiday Blues Neutral Decor Black and White

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This natural scene layers twigs, pine cones, and peacock feathers for an earthy combination that pops with a hint of the holiday. This very interesting yet generic decor transitions nicely clear throughout the winter months to keep your cheer factor intact.

Post-Holiday Blues Peacock Feathers and Cones

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Get Your Next Party On!

First, remember to remind yourself that the new year is about new beginnings. Moreover, I think we all know that nothing works better to help us beat the post-holiday blues than a good diversion. So, what are your plans for the new year? Get your new year’s resolution list written and fill in your calendar with upcoming celebrations. Then, sit down directly and begin your plans for the gatherings of the coming year with all your family, friends and guests.

Post-Holiday Blues Holiday Women Planning Parties

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